Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Serato Flagship Controller

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The original Pioneer DDJ-SZ was a huge success and gave incredible power to DJ's all over the world. Now, pushing the boundary even further is the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Professional DJ Controller - featuring improved jog wheels, multi-colour performance pads, dual USB connectivity and native support and dedicated controls for new Serato DJ software, the DDJ-SZ2 is nothing short of incredible.


one of the most striking things about the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 is its initial beauty. The cutting edge interface still manages to deliver a traditional DJM layout that is familiar to all club DJ's but also adds visual glamour that's also very practical. The new big jog wheels are taken from the CDJ-2000NXS2, and the illuminating on-jog display gives you information about the current playback status and position for a more precise performance.

New, large multi-colour performance pads are on hand to trigger Hot Cues, samples and FX and because they are velocity sensitive, you can have a more dynamic control over your samples volume. The pads will also change colour depending what mode they are on so that you have instant visual keys.


Beneath the glamorous interface of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 lies a 24-bit/44.1kHz capable soundcard with technology taken from professional Pioneer DJ gear. Low contact resistance, a high performance D/A converter made by Cirrus Logic, Inc., and low jitter oscillator ensure that the level of audio you get is nothing short of crystal clear.

There are times when the track you're playing could benefit from a bit of 'colour', and the DDJ-SZ2 has you covered here also. Add some spice to your sets with the four popular Sound Colour FX from the Pioneer DJM series; Echo, Jet, Pitch and Filter. You also have the ability to sync echo with the BPM of the track you're playing for some great 'doubling' effects. A built in oscillator also means you can add texture and tension to your tracks with the four oscillator sounds; noise, drop, laser and siren.

As you would also expect, the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Professional DJ Controller is designed to work seamlessly with all new Serato DJ software and even comes complete with a copy so that you can begin making your perfect mix right out of the box.

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