The new stylus tip design makes it easier to see the groove with a wider stylus-view cut-out and tactile feedback when mounting the stylus tip to the body gives an added layer of security.

The new, textured finger grip gives you a wider area to hold on to and is now replaceable, making the new Concorde even tougher in demanding environments.

The DJ is an excellent all-round performance cartridge for club and scratch DJs alike.

Technical Data

Output Voltage (@ 1kHz, 5cm/sec.):6mV
Channel Balance (@ 1kHz):1dB
Channel Separation (@ 1kHz):22dB
Channel Separation (@ 15kHz):15dB
Frequency Range (@ -3dB):20 – 20,000Hz
Tracking Ability (@ 315Hz)*:100μm
Compliance (Dynamic Lateral):14μm / mN
Stylus Type:Spherical
Stylus Tip Radius (R):18μm
Tracking Force Range:3.0 – 5.0g (30 – 50mN)
Recommended Tracking Force:4.0g (40mN)
Cartridge Weight:18.5g
Replacement Stylus Unit:DJ

* At recommended tracking force