Next Generation Sound

Pioneer’s CDJ-2000NXS2 offers the highest quality audio quality of any DJ Multiplayer utilising a 96kHZ/24-bit soundcard to deliver a clearer, crisper sound while supporting cutting-edge lossless formats including FLAC and ALAC (Apple’s lossless audio format). The 32-bit D/A converter eliminates distortion and the separate analogue power supply reduces unwanted noise. This is the best sounding CDJ to date!

Touchscreen and Track Filter Controls

The 7-inch, high resolution touchscreen makes navigation of even the largest libraries simple thanks to its QWERTY keyboard search and when combined with the all new Track Filter controls – located intuitively next to the data dial – you’ll be loading the track you need within seconds.

The new touchscreen also features multi-coloured wave display, needle countdown (touch a point in the track to see how many beats away it is from the current playback point) and offers great visibility from almost any angle.

Enhance Your Performance

Beat Sync, Slip Mode and Auto Cue Load have remained popular since they were introduced and the CDJ-2000NXS2 now offers even greater performance features including 8 colour-coded hot cues, which can be configured using Rekordbox or edited on the fly using the new simplified workflow.

The 2000NXS2 also allows connection of additional MIDI controllers, such as the DDJ-SP1, which can be used to trigger additional loops and hot cues with up to 4 CDJ-2000NXS2 using Pro DJ Link. You can also use fractional beat quantising for greater precision and versatility. Pioneer have also added a three position lever for Slip Reverse, Forward and Reverse.

Do even more with Pro DJ Link

Pro DJ Link allows up to four CDJ-2000NXS2 to share one source for playback, but this often under used feature now offers even more including improved beat grids, which are now accurate to the microsecond, as well as a quantized beat jump and a detailed Phase Meter.

The Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS can now also make use of additional Rekordbox data including colour coded memory cues, multi-coloured USB port light (displaying a colour you have set in Rekordbox for that particular USB key/drive) and thanks to the enhanced screen can also display other info for tracks that have been analysed – such as key for example.

The latest CDJ also supports rekordbox DJ HID control, this will become available at a later date through an add on. The unit will also auto standby and features a hard wearing, high quality, anti scratch aluminium top plate ensuring the product is ready for the rigours of professional use.