The Sennheiser E608 Miniature Dynamic Microphone is the ideal solution for miking up woodwind, brass, drums and percussion. The small design is low on visibility but massive on sound. The E608 captures frequencies from 40Hz up to 16kHz so you can be sure it will capture the natural characteristics of the instrument you wish to amplify and reproduce them faithfully and accurately.

The Super-Cardioid pickup pattern of the E608 ensures that you can position the mic close to the signal source whilst isolating it from other on-stage sound sources. Add to this the hum-compensating coil and shock mounted capsule to give low sensitivity to impact noise and you can be sure the only signal being sent to the PA is what you intended.

Connect the E608 to any mixing desk using the extremely robust XLR connector and the ‘body’ of the microphone itself is also rugged thanks to it’s glass-fibre construction. Sennheiser consistently produce exceptional quality products for a price that is affordable and the E608 is no exception.