Are you looking for a high quality live mixer from a reputable manufacturer that is fully featured and versatile? Well you’re in the right place. Soundcraft are one of the big boys when it comes to live desks, and the EFX 12 has 12 channels all with mic pres, plus an additional 2 stereo channels and a stereo effects return. Each of the 12 main channels has an insert, 3 band EQ with parametric mid band and 2 auxes.

The second aux is routed to the onboard effects which are managed by another company well known for specialising in reverbs and other spatial/time effects: Lexicon. The desk has a built in 24 bit digital FX engine that has everything you need for the average gig from a selection of reverbs and delays with a flanger, phaser and tremolo thrown into the mix.

This desk will easily cope with small-medium ensembles, and with built in effects all you need to do is plug in and set your levels. Great for when time is tight and setting up external effects often gets forgotten to make way for other things!